Joseph R. Demarest

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. - Albert Einstein


Central Park West & 79th St

New York City, New York, 10024

As a dynamic and multifaceted engineer, I possess comprehensive expertise in computer science, electrical engineering, and additive manufacturing. My professional journey is documented through an extensive portfolio of projects, showcasing a spectrum from intricate software development to the nuanced art of hardware design, among an eclectic mix of other undertakings.

My core strength lies in my exceptional ability to bridge multiple disciplines, a skill that empowers me to craft innovative and streamlined solutions. This interdisciplinary approach has become my trademark in the engineering sphere, and I thrive when presented with new puzzles to solve. By drawing from my broad-based technical acumen, I am well-equipped to confront and dismantle even the most daunting of problems.

Beyond my engineering talents, I am fervently committed to perpetual learning, an enthusiasm that fuels my ambition to continuously broaden my expertise across a vast range of subjects.

In my personal pursuits, I am profoundly passionate about all things technology, science, and the cosmos — from the enigmas of space and astronomy to the latest tech breakthroughs. This zeal extends beyond mere interest; it is the backbone of my professional philosophy. I possess the unique capability to assimilate concepts from multiple disciplines, including those outside my immediate expertise, to forge exceptional results.

My ethos is one of ceaseless creation and education. I am devoted to a life where making and learning go hand-in-hand, ensuring that with each new project, my skills are honed and my knowledge is expanded.

Should you be interested in discussing potential collaborations or wish to learn more about my work, I invite you to connect with me using the social icons directly below this text, or reach out directly via email at [email protected].